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Guess what everyone, the song requests form is back! ^_~ Don't abuse it please, it makes things so much easier when it is used properly. I haven't recieved any requests in the past few weeks, so I'm filling kinda bored now. Everyone, give me something to do and send in some requests please...:( So, as usual, be expecting updates and new songs very soon! ~Siren



I would like to address the matter of Fading Sky(the Full Moon wo Sagashite media site):  I'm sorry to say that I've come to a decision not to post all of the Full Moon wo Sagashite songs on this site, but however, I will take a vote on up to five songs that I will post.  Just send me an e-mail( of the name of the song from Full Moon you would like, and I will the total the votes and put them up.  The final day for voting will be June 30, 2006, so send me your vote.



IMPORTANT:The servers will go down if you download repeatedly in one category because of the bandwidth overload.  Therefore, it will take however long the 'Temporarily Unavailable" page says for the server to automatically recover and repair itself.  To prevent this from happening, please do not download more than one file at once.


If you want to request a song that is not below for me to put up on the site, then go to the 'Song Requests' page and fill out the form^_^.

Anime MP3

Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Ayashi no Ceres(please use this URL to reach the download page

Card Captor Sakura(6 Character Singles)

Excel Saga

Full Metal Panic

Full Moon wo Sagashite


Gensoumaden Saiyuki

Great Teacher Onizuka

Groove Adventure Rave

Gundam Wing

Hikaru no Go



Kaleido Star

Loki Ragnarok

Macross 2 the movie


Revolutionary Girl Utena(TV series)

Revolutionary Girl Utena the Movie

Rurouni Kenshin(TV)

Sailor Stars(Sailor Moon)

Shamanic Princess

Silent Mobius

Super GALS!

Tenchi Muyo in Love

Tenchi Muyo: Daughter of Darkness

Tenchi Forever/Tenchi Muyo in Love 2

Vandread:the Second Stage

You're Under Arrest!

Yu Yu Hakusho

Game MP3

Chrono Cross

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 9


Do As Infinity